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Valley of Stones

This site is designated as an SSSI or is part of a larger SSSI. Here are the details:

SSSI Name Valley of Stones
Primary Photo

Valley of Stones SSSI is situated approximately 1g km to the north of Portesham in southern Dorset and consists of dry valleys and slopes on Upper Chalk, with overlying deposits of pebbly clay and sand and Bagshot Beds in the eastern part of the site. The site is famous for its fine train of sarsen stones and also contains a diverse range of unimproved grassland types, uncommon lichens, mosses, liverworts and scarce butterflies.

Interest Biological, Geological
Status Now Featured on NoD
My Notes Lichens are the main rarities on site and are for the experts but a good visit just the same

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Valley of Stones National Nature Reserve

I have only had a very quick visit to this site so can only say the views alone are worth a visit