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Blue Pool and Norden Heaths

This site is designated as an SSSI or is part of a larger SSSI. Here are the details:

SSSI Name Blue Pool and Norden Heaths
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Blue Pool and Norden Heaths is one of a collection of sites which together comprise the Dorset heathlands. Although these heathlands have declined in extent and now occupy only 14% of their original area they show a high degree of ecological cohesion and clear ecological trends and patterns. The Dorset heaths complex is one of the major lowland heathland areas in Britain and is of international importance for its plant and animal communities.

Interest Biological
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These sites featured on the Nature of Dorset fall within this SSSI. Click the site name to find out more about it. Alternatively, click the map logo above and see their location on a map and then view the site details from there:

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Kilwood Coppice Nature Reserve

A superb Dorset Wildlife Trust woodland reserve in the heart of the Isle of Purbeck.


Norden Heath and the Green Pool

A corner of a much wider area of national nature reserve known as Stoborough Heath and which includes the lovely Green Pool.


Blue Pool