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    Subalpine Warbler

    These are the original tweets that the records for this species were derived from:

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    Post date Tweet Content Linked Images
    08-06-18 PortandWey: @PortlandBirdObs At around 12:45 it was heard calling in the Quarry, by myself and 2 other birders, before we watch…
    08-06-18 PortlandBirdObs: The Subalpine W has been released in the Obs Quarry (no calls heard)
    01-05-17 PortlandBirdObs: RT @twoowlsbirding: Sub-alpine Warbler showing well by Cheyne Weares car park @DorsetBirdClub @PortlandBirdObs
    29-04-17 wawlee: RT @stilts38: Eastern subalpine warbler showed briefly cheyne weares Portland..
    28-04-17 PortlandBirdObs: The Cheyne Weare Subalp - found by JR and Guy - is an Eastern male
    23-04-17 lookin4spoonies: Subalpine warbler showing well by the coastguard cottages now @PortlandBirdObs
    22-04-17 PortlandBirdObs: Subalpine Warbler midday-ish in front of the Coastguard Cottages at the Bill per Chris Rose - currently being looked for but not found
    13-04-17 PortlandBirdObs: Today's Portland sightings
    13-04-17 PortlandBirdObs: Western Subalpine W male at the Higher Light