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    Storm Petrel

    These are the original tweets that the records for this species were derived from:

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    Post date Tweet Content Linked Images
    09-06-19 There is a small presence of #StormPetrel in Christchurch Bay today. Best viewed from eastern tip of #HengistburyHead
    24-05-19 Portland Bird Observatory diary
    08-05-19 Christchurch Harbour Ornithological Group diary
    28-07-18 OllyFrampton: 1 Storm-petrel lingering off the long groyne at Hengistbury Head this afternoon. That was the only highlight of a 2…
    16-07-18 PortlandBirdObs: The early promise of this summer's Storm Petrel season looks to be fizzing out: just 5 trapped during last night's…
    13-06-18 PortlandBirdObs: Another 9 Storm Petrels sound-lured and trapped at the Bill last night.
    12-06-18 PortlandBirdObs: Small beginnings but actually rather better than we usually do on the first try of the summer: 10 Storm Petrels tra…
    21-10-17 debbyseamist: Storm Petrel through to the harbour at Ferrybridge
    11-10-17 freddyalway: Portland bill. 5 sooty 1 Balearic 1arctic skua 1 stormy petrel. A few kittiwake.
    14-09-17 PortlandBirdObs: RT @jillpr223: 4+ Storm Petrels 2 Arctic Terns lingering off Portland Bill Dorset
    08-09-17 PortlandBirdObs: ...multiples of Sabine's Gulls, 2 spp of petrel etc etc all rpted from other viewpoints.
    03-08-17 PortlandBirdObs: RT @NevilFowler: Storm petrel making slow progress through Chesil Cove
    21-07-17 JohnDown18: 1455 to 1615 at the Bill: 1Cory, 3Balearics and a flock of 16 Scoter. A Storm Petrel was seen earlier I was told.What a crazy day!
    18-07-17 PortlandBirdObs: ....+ another few hours at the Pulpit Rock last night yielded 7 more Storm Petrels trapped
    05-07-17 PortlandBirdObs: Been some nice rewards from getting acutely sleep deprived just recently, latest being 8 Storm Petrels netted at th…
    01-07-17 lookin4spoonies: 2 Stormies off the east cliffs heading towards the bill @PortlandBirdObs
    14-06-17 tom_m_brereton: Lyme Bay: quiet though good views of common seabirds: 4 Stormies, 18 Puffin, 15 Manx Shearwater, 5 Harbour Porpoise…
    13-06-17 PortlandBirdObs: Also on the ringing front, last night the first 2 Storm Petrels of the summer trapped at the Bill
    10-06-17 CHOG_birds: #StormPetrel from #HengistburyHead
    09-06-17 OllyFrampton: Still a minimum of 9 Storm Petrel off the eastern end of Hengistbury Head @CHOG_birds
    09-06-17 CHOG_birds: #StormPetrel still on show from #MudefordQuay and at eastern end of #HengistburyHead
    09-06-17 CHOG_birds: #StormPetrels still present off the beach huts at #Hengistbury.
    08-06-17 JulianThomas19: Seawatch nos from PBO by 1130: 1 Storm Petrel, 1 Balearic, 1 Puffin, 1517 Manx. Less than hoped, but 2 year ticks, so good. @PortlandBirdObs
    08-06-17 CHOG_birds: #ArcticSkua past #MudefordQuay. Also 30 #ManxShearwater & 5 #StormPetrel from there.
    08-06-17 harbourbirds: 2 Storm Petrel west in Poole Bay from Branksome Chine @DorsetBirdClub @BirdGuides @RSPBArne
    08-06-17 cork_head: Charmouth Sea watch 05.00-06.30: 15 Manxies, 5 C. Scoter, 1 Stormie, 2 Diver sp (need more practice). All ~>W. Storm Petrel less than 1K out
    08-06-17 CHOG_birds: At least 15 #StormPetrel off beach huts at #Hengistbury this morning.
    08-06-17 NotQuiteScilly: Burton Bradstock, either 1, 2, 3 or 4 Stormies in 2hrs this morning. Not much else, but who cares? --#PWC2017
    08-06-17 cork_head: Storm Petrel past Charmouth west.
    07-06-17 cork_head: Charmouth Seawatching 19.45 - 21.30: Well that was fun! 2 STORM PETREL ----and 34 Manxies all West. No skua. Shouldn't be greedy.