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Recent Records

  • Black Darter

    These are the most recent records for this species:

    Record Date Location Qualifier Comment Recorder
    05-10-19 Canford Heath Local Nature Reserve Martin Adams
    30-08-19 Brownsea Island Martin Adams
    25-08-19 Ebblake Bog Colin Lamond
    04-08-19 Ramsdown Forest Mike Gibbons
    04-08-19 Lytchett Bay and Turlin Moor Local Nature Reserve Ian Ballam
    28-07-19 Ebblake Bog Colin Lamond
    28-06-19 Ebblake Bog Colin Lamond
    16-07-19 Ramsdown Forest Ian Ballam
    10-07-19 Ramsdown Forest Ian Ballam
    28-09-18 Ebblake Bog Colin Lamond
    10-09-18 Ebblake Bog Colin Lamond
    02-08-18 Ebblake Bog Colin Lamond
    22-07-18 Town Common Olly Frampton
    21-07-18 Town Common Colin Lamond
    20-07-18 Ramsdown Forest Ian Ballam
    15-07-18 Ebblake Bog Colin Lamond
    11-07-18 Ramsdown Forest Ian Ballam
    05-07-18 Canford Heath Local Nature Reserve Terry Elborn
    26-06-18 Sopley Common Nature Reserve Ian Ballam
    26-06-18 Town Common Ian Ballam
    25-06-18 Town Common Ian Ballam
    20-06-18 Town Common Chris C
    25-08-17 Arne Nature Reserve Marcus Lawson
    10-08-17 Upton Heath Nature Reserve Nicky Hoar
    18-07-17 Higher Hyde Heath Nature Reserve Hamish Murray
    16-07-17 Unspecified Location Steve Birt
    05-07-17 Morden Bog National Nature Reserve Ian Ballam
    05-07-17 Canford Heath Local Nature Reserve Olly Frampton
    02-07-17 Higher Hyde Heath Nature Reserve Frank Gardener

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