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Recent Records

  • Radipole Lake Nature Reserve

    These are the most recent records for this site:

    Record Date Location Comment Recorder
    16-10-19 Common Scoter Peter Moore
    09-10-19 Painted Lady Andy Weymouth
    09-10-19 Great White Egret Andy Weymouth
    08-10-19 Bearded Tit Edmund Mackrill
    15-10-19 Great White Egret Dorset Bird Club
    04-10-19 Barn Owl James Lowther
    03-10-19 Bittern Edmund Mackrill
    03-10-19 Yellow-legged Gull Edmund Mackrill
    29-09-19 Gadwall Edmund Mackrill
    29-09-19 Shoveler Edmund Mackrill
    27-09-19 Common Scoter Luke Phillips
    26-09-19 Common Scoter Peter Coe
    25-09-19 Common Scoter Edmund Mackrill
    23-09-19 Black Swan Edmund Mackrill
    21-09-19 Migrant Hawker Adrian Comben
    19-09-19 Marsh Harrier Rik Gold
    17-09-19 Kingfisher Retweet
    16-09-19 Kingfisher RSPB Weymouth
    16-09-19 Great White Egret RSPB Weymouth
    13-09-19 Spoonbill Rik Gold
    14-09-19 Spoonbill Dorset Bird Club
    14-09-19 Great White Egret Dorset Bird Club
    06-09-19 Bittern RSPB Weymouth
    04-09-19 Pintail Edmund Mackrill
    26-08-19 Hoverfly (X pedissequum) Colin Lamond
    25-08-19 Migrant Hawker Colin Lamond
    25-08-19 Hoverfly (V zonaria) Colin Lamond
    25-08-19 Hoverfly (V pellucens) Colin Lamond
    25-08-19 Hoverfly (V inanis) Colin Lamond
    17-08-19 Ichneumon Fly (H amictum) Adrian Comben

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