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Recent Records

  • Hatch Pond Local Nature Reserve

    These are the most recent records for this site:

    Record Date Location Comment Recorder
    28-10-19 Magpie Ian Ballam
    28-10-19 Shoveler Rene Goad
    16-10-19 Tufted Duck Rene Goad
    16-10-19 Great Crested Grebe Rene Goad
    16-10-19 Gadwall Rene Goad
    02-09-19 Kingfisher Rene Goad
    02-09-19 Tufted Duck Rene Goad
    12-06-19 Mute Swan Fledged young Ian Ballam
    01-06-19 Great Crested Grebe Ian Ballam
    01-06-19 Azure Damselfly Ian Ballam
    01-06-19 Nursery Web Spider Ian Ballam
    27-05-19 Burnet Companion Ian Ballam
    27-05-19 Common Blue Ian Ballam
    27-05-19 Holly Blue Ian Ballam
    27-05-19 Large Red Damselfly Ian Ballam
    27-05-19 Scarce Chaser Ian Ballam
    27-05-19 Azure Damselfly Ian Ballam
    27-05-19 Blue-tailed Damselfly Ian Ballam
    24-05-19 Great Crested Grebe Mark Wright
    28-04-19 Blackcap Rene Goad
    28-04-19 Reed Warbler Rene Goad
    14-04-19 Great Crested Grebe Ian Ballam
    26-03-19 Great Crested Grebe Ian Ballam
    15-02-19 Pochard Ian Ballam
    14-02-19 Wigeon Ian Ballam
    14-02-19 Pochard Ian Ballam
    14-02-19 Great Crested Grebe Ian Ballam
    08-02-19 Snipe Ian Ballam
    07-02-19 Red Admiral Ian Ballam
    03-02-19 Common Gull Ian Ballam

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