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Recent Records

  • Durlston Country Park

    These are the most recent records for this site:

    Record Date Location Qualifier Comment Recorder
    23-04-20 Sandwich Tern Nicki T
    23-04-20 Common Tern Nicki T
    23-04-20 Swallow Nicki T
    23-04-20 Peregrine Nicki T
    23-04-20 Whitethroat Phyl England
    22-04-20 Cuckoo Dorset Bird Club
    22-04-20 Wild Clary Hamish Murray
    22-04-20 White Wagtail Hamish Murray
    22-04-20 Rock Pipit Hamish Murray
    21-04-20 Kidney Vetch Hamish Murray
    21-04-20 Thrift Hamish Murray
    21-04-20 Wild Cabbage Hamish Murray
    21-04-20 Portland Spurge Hamish Murray
    21-04-20 Whitethroat Phyl England
    21-04-20 Lesser Whitethroat Phyl England
    21-04-20 Swallow Phyl England
    20-04-20 Grasshopper Warbler Dorset Bird Club
    20-04-20 Redstart Dorset Bird Club
    19-04-20 Nightingale Dorset Bird Club
    19-04-20 Grasshopper Warbler Hamish Murray
    19-04-20 Wheatear Hamish Murray
    19-04-20 Redstart Hamish Murray
    18-04-20 Swift Dorset Bird Club
    18-04-20 Cuckoo Dorset Bird Club
    18-04-20 Yellow Wagtail Dorset Bird Club
    18-04-20 Whinchat Dorset Bird Club
    18-04-20 Pied Flycatcher Dorset Bird Club
    18-04-20 Nightingale Dorset Bird Club
    18-04-20 Grasshopper Warbler Dorset Bird Club
    18-04-20 Peregrine Hamish Murray

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