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    Broadcroft Quarry Nature Reserve

    These species have been recorded at this site; maybe what you saw is shown here in this photo grid?:

    Click on any species name to see details of the species with more photographs, a full list of sightings as well as a distribution map. If you are looking for a particular species you can use the filters at the top of the display to enter the name of that species. If you have a general interest in a particular species group you can also use a filter to just display that group (birds, mammals, reptiles, butterflies, etc) or more detailed sub-group.

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    Agrimonia eupatoria
    Smyrnium olusatrum
    Epilobium ciliatum
    Ophrys apifera
    Lotus corniculatus
    Solanum dulcamara
    Medicago lupulina
    Pteridium aquilinum
    Rubus fruticosus agg.
    Fringilla montifringilla
    Picris echioides
    Buddleja davidii
    Corvus corone
    Lysandra coridon
    Phylloscopus collybita
    Galium aparine
    Dactylis glomerata
    Polyommatus icarus
    Bombus pascuorum
    Centaurium erythraea
    Sympetrum striolatum
    Scrophularia nodosa
    Equisetum arvense
    Centaurea nigra
    Malva sylvestris
    Urtica dioica
    Senecio jacobaea
    Helix aspersa
    Sonchus species
    Cotoneaster agg
    Potentilla reptans
    Cirsium arvense
    Allium vineale
    Carex pseudocyperus
    Bellis perennis
    Rosa canina
    Prunella modularis
    Ulex minor
    Cirsium acaulon
    Euphrasia agg
    Arrhenatherum elatius
    Foeniculum vulgare
    Convolvulus arvensis
    Rosa arvensis
    Regulus ignicapilla
    Sarcophaga carnaria
    Pyronia tithonus
    Regulus regulus
    Ulex europaeus
    Tettigonia viridissima
    Dendrocopos major
    Epilobium hirsutum
    Lotus pedunculatus
    Centaurea scabiosa
    Lucilia caesar
    Phyllitis scolopendrium
    Picris hieracioides
    Crataegus monogyna
    Galium mollugo
    Stachys sylvatica
    Larus argentatus
    Cardaria draba
    Heracleum sphondylium
    Apis mellifera