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Weekly Summary

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To aid users of mobile devices as well as those with a mouse or laptop finger pad this site uses a simple image-based menu system. Virtually every picture you see (images and photos) are links to more information arranged in a sort of top-down structure. See an image, click or tap on it to open a new page.

The nature of Dorset last week compiled from wildlife enthusiasts that post on Twitter. Everything on one page:

- The twenty most interesting species recorded
- The twenty species generating the most tweets
- The ten sites generating the most tweets
- The five contributors generating the most tweets
- The pick of the weeks photographs

You can also look at the individual tweets for each day of the week and you can page back through previous weeks too. Its all here on the weekly summary page!

  • Last Week: 

    Reports for week ending: Sunday, 15 January, 2017
    Interest Last Week: 
    Species Name Interest Level
    Reports Last Week: 
    Species Name Number of Tweets
    Sites Last Week: 
    Recording Site Number of Tweets
    Contributors Last Week: 
    Contributor Number of Tweets
    Debby Saunders 3

    Prior Week: 

    Reports for week ending: Sunday, 8 January, 2017
    Interest Prior Week: 
    Reports Prior Week: 
    Sites Prior Week: 
    Contributors Prior Week: 

    Last Year: 

    Interest Last Year: 
    Reports Last Year: 
    Sites Last Year: 
    Contributors Last Year: