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What is happening in the natural world at the moment? Find out here with the Nature of Dorset NEWSDESK featuring tweets, maps, charts and photographs from observers across the county.

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The nature of Dorset yesterday as reported on Twitter.

  • List of species seen and where
  • A map of sites and species distribution charts
  • Pick of the days photographs


Last Week

A review of the naure of Dorset during the previous week:

  • Species and sites lists for this week this year
  • Species and sites lists for the previous week
  • Species and sites lists for the same week last year


Last Month

A descriptive summary of the highlights of the nature of Dorset last month and previous months:

  • A blog entry describing the key species seen during the month
  • Accompanying lists, charts and maps
  • The best photographs for the month


If you are keen on Dorset wildlife then you will want to keep up to date with the latest news. In this part of the Nature of Dorset I try to bring you the latest species sightings from Dorset wildlife enthusiasts posted on Twitter.

  1. For the most uptodate information available then visit yesterday's records for a list of species and where they were seen. If you are on the look out for new species to see then this may be the ideal section for you. It maybe that, like me, you just like to keep up with what is going on in the natural world in Dorset
  2. As the seasons progress so things change week by week so here you can see how last week compared to the previous week and how it compared to the same week last year. It is interesting to see the changes in this way.
  3. The monthly section contains a series of 'blog' entries recording the highlights of the month backed up with species lists, distribution maps and various charts. The pick of the months photographs is also included.

I hope you find this information useful. If you are aware of a relevant news source that I have not included please let me know via the site contact form so that I can expand this section and make it really relevant. Thank you.


Here are some additional news services you may find of interest:

News Share service

The Nature of Dorset 'News Share' service allows you to keep up to date with the latest sightings of your interests through a variety of medium (Twitter, Facebook, RSS, hashtags, etc)


In my blog I try to interpret what the maps and charts from the records database tell us about species and sites in Dorset. You can see the most recent entries in the blog here.


There are various wildlife conservation and monitoring organisations in Dorset that publish a daily diary of what has been seen 'on their patch'. Whilst I try to include these records in the Nature of Dorset daily summary and in the historical database you may prefer to read their own contributions as they often contain more detailed information than I include

Current hot-list

Want to know "what's hot"? Here is a list of the thirty species that have generated the most tweeted records in the last thirty days. This is an indication of the most interesting visible species at the current time.

This week

See what species have been reported in this current week over the years since 2017

Notable Birds List

Interested in Dorset's more notable bird records? Here is a list of those seen since the start of 2017 with the number of reports in each year.

Location Finder

Seen a place mentioned in tweets or in the records section and don't know where it is? Try the Location finder function: search for the place, click on the name and see a location map.

Yesterday's Newspaper

The pick of yesterday's Twitter tweets and photographs presented in an attractive readable newspaper format.