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The aim of this section is to:

  • Provide a means of mapping sightings records to general areas where there is no specific nature reserve or other primaru location that is appropriate

These aims are achieved by:

  • Providing a number of generalised 'areas', usually around Dorsets main towns, for grouping records for the area 

This section can be used for:

  • Seeing what species can be/have been seen in the area

From the home page you can:

  • Access detailed information about the area by clicking/tapping one of the provided thumbnails (see below) 
  • Access the details of any species of animal or plant recorded and registered by the Nature of Dorset in the area
These links are provided to a more detailed level of information: 

A map showing the approximate area covered.

A monthly record count chart which shows when most records were submitted which may indicate good months to visit the area.

This report provides a list of all species recorded by contributed Twitter 'tweets' together with a count of the number of records submitted. 

The photograph gallery will hopefully give you a visual guide as to what to expect if you visit this area

These are the original 'tweets' from which the records for this area have been derived. They often provide more information about sightings and form a kind of 'story-board' for the area. 

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