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My Hi Fives - 2018

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Title My Hi Fives - 2018
Contributor's Name Peter Orchard

Now I do less survey work and take more getle strolls with my wife my 'high fives' is a way of doing some recording but mainly a way of keeping a diary of where we have been and the most interesting or attractive things we saw. I pick five of may favourites from each outing and ost them on this...

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13/05/2018 Barren Strawberry: Now out in a woodland near you!
15/05/2018 Birdsfoot: a diminutive member of the clover family
15/05/2018 Birdsfoot Trefoil: my first of these this year
26/04/2018 Blackthorn: In full flower now and looking a real picture
15/05/2018 Bulbous Buttercup: the down-turned sepals are diagnostic
09/05/2018 Common Twayblade: probably the largest specimens of this plant I have ever encountered
26/04/2018 Cuckooflower: a lover of damp conditions
07/05/2018 Cuckooflower now widespread on the Common and popular with the orange-tips
26/04/2018 Dandelion: Overlooked but wonderful flowers loved by insects
09/05/2018 Goldilocks: the woodland buttercup
07/05/2018 Greater stichwort is not common on the Common but found in dryer areas
07/05/2018 Green alkanet - a member of the borage family found in hedgerows
09/05/2018 Green-veined White: my first of the year
13/05/2018 Eristalis tenax: the drone fly at rest
13/05/2018 Portavinia maculata: a scarce hoverfly usually found near ramsons
07/05/2018 Marsh horsetail is a bit nondescript but is widespread and common here
26/04/2018 Marsh Marigold: certainly golden in colour and found in marshy conditions
07/05/2018 Meadow buttercups in patches across the Common
26/04/2018 Mute Swan: afraid of no one
13/05/2018 Ramsons: possibly the finest display in Dorset
09/05/2018 Ramsons: two of what must be more than a million plants of wild garlic in this wood!
15/05/2018 Sheeps Sorrel: an indicator of dry acid grassland
15/05/2018 Small-flowered Buttercup: a scarce and often overlooked species
09/05/2018 Solomons-seal: Found in several places in GArston Wood
13/05/2018 White-pinion Spotted: a first for me and in the exact habitat the book says it prefers