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  • Adrian Groves

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    18-10-18 lippy113: @RSPBWeymouth @Natures_Voice @DorsetWildlife @NatureofDorset @BBCSpringwatch @WildlifeMag These guys at Lodmoor are…
    15-06-18 lippy113: Kinson Library,Bournemouth just now.
    01-05-18 DorsetBirdClub: RT @lippy113: @DorsetWildlife @DorsetBirdClub @BTO_Dorset @NatureofDorset @Natures_Voice Nice to see the Bournemouth Peregrines doing well…
    04-02-18 lippy113: @DorsetBirdClub @DorsetWildlife #Portland @Natures_Voice The Portland Sparrowhawk this afternoon.
    13-11-17 lippy113: @RSPBWeymouth @Natures_Voice @DorsetBirdClub @DorsetWildlife Lodmoors resident female.
    12-11-17 lippy113: @Natures_Voice @RSPBSouthWest @DorsetWildlife @DorsetBirdClub @NatureofDorset @RSPBWeymouth A Lodmoor Lapwing.
    22-10-17 lippy113: RT @wawlee: Lesser Yellowlegs finally showed a little better, late this morning @RSPBWeymouth Lodmoor. @DorsetBirdClub…
    16-10-17 lippy113: @RSPBWeymouth @DorsetBirdClub Lesser Yellowleg showing now from west path on Lodmoor
    16-10-17 lippy113: @RSPBWeymouth @DorsetWildlife @DorsetBirdClub Curlew Sandpiper still showing at Lodmoor this morning.
    16-10-17 lippy113: @RSPBWeymouth @DorsetBirdClub @DorsetWildlife #Lodmoor Grey as hell here but not for the Sparrowhawk this morning.
    15-10-17 lippy113: @RSPBWeymouth #Lodmoor The Lesser Yellowleg ....
    20-09-17 lippy113: @harbourbirds @DorsetBirdClub #LytchettFields Green Sandpiper, two Ruffs and a Greenshank and the two Little Stints…
    13-06-17 lippy113: @DorsetBirdClub This Is P.K the Juvenile Peregrine Falcon in Bournemouth Kerb crawling.
    12-06-17 lippy113: The Juvenile female Peregrine that has only just fledged. Lansdowne, Bournemouth. Best viewed at full HD
    05-06-17 lippy113: RT @lippy113: @RSPBSouthWest @RSPBbirders @DorsetBirdClub The Peregrine Falcon, Bournemouth.
    03-06-17 lippy113: RT @lippy113: @RSPBSouthWest @DorsetBirdClub @DorsetBirds Spent some time with the Peregrine Falcons at the Lansdowne, Bournemouth today Lo…
    30-04-17 lippy113: @RSPBWeymouth The Male Marsh Harrier from the new viewing screen.
    19-04-17 lippy113: The Stunning Peregrine Falcon I photographed on Portland at the Bill.
    19-04-17 lippy113: Guillemots photographed at Portland Bill. Spot the eye makeup !!!!
    14-04-17 pammiep7: RT @lippy113: @DorsetBirdClub A quick Stretch for this little Fella on Portland today
    14-04-17 lippy113: @DorsetBirdClub Unfortunately I couldn't get in front of this one today. At least I can see his face!!!
    14-04-17 pammiep7: RT @lippy113: @DorsetBirdClub Male Kestrel I photographed on Portland today.
    09-04-17 RSPBArne: RT @lippy113: @RSPBArne Spoonbill sunrise.
    07-04-17 pammiep7: RT @lippy113: The Great White....Longham Lakes,Dorset.
    06-04-17 pammiep7: RT @lippy113: The Green Woodpecker shows well at Longham Lakes.
    03-04-17 pammiep7: RT @lippy113: @RSPBWeymouth Bearded Reedlings foraging for seeds along the paths at Radipole.
    02-04-17 SightingDOR: RT @lippy113: Some great times with the Great White Egret at Longham Lakes, Dorset.
    27-03-17 RSPBWeymouth: RT @lippy113: @RSPBWeymouth The Male Marsh Harrier in the midday sun from the new viewing area.